Benefits of Walking: improve thinking skills and memory

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Benefits of Walking

Regular exercise like walking good for your health and also keep the memory focus on particular tasks. There are sufficient for good explanations to be physically energetic and include decreasing the chances of increasing diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Everyone wants to prevent depression, control blood pressure, lose weight, and feel better.

Walking is the great exercise for health

Typically, the exercise which easier to do and available to do regular basis is good for health. To choose walking daily is a wise decision for ones. In the part of the walk, ones should take minimum 30 minutes. Here some reason that will help you to take this exercise regularly.

Strengthens your heart

Walking regularly will decrease the possibility of stroke and heart disease. This is a great cardio exercise that drops the extra LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and increases the HDL (good) cholesterol levels. There are lots of research result shows that, who take walking 30 minutes’ walk every day, he or she will free from free from the risk of high blood pressure which leads to causes of strokes. Also, reduce the heart disease risk up to 30 to 35 percent.

Let down disease possibility

The habit of walking regularly lowers the risk of diabetes up to 45 to 65 percent, and also reduce the risk around 27 percent to develop the breast, colon or womb cancer. It’s not a hard exercise, so anyone can take it a regular basis to let down the possibilities of some critical disease.

Helpful for weight loss

To burn extra calories from your body you have to walk at a gentle speed. This speed also varies to cut off the calories from the body. Like if you walk 30 minutes at 2 MPH speed then it will reduce 75 calories, other hands 3 MPH speed will cut off 99 calories, however, 4 MPH is 150 calories. Though the amount differs in speed you should go with your own speed on a regular basis to reduce the weight and it will keep your body and mind fit.

Prevents dementia

To avoid the brain shrinkage or prevents dementia and increase the memory power, the older people may take walk around eight miles per week. Young people also take walk regularly and take around 12 to 15 miles per week to reduce the risks of that disease and keep the body fit and develop energy to work a long time.

Boosts vitamin D

Walking also helps to get the vitamin D which is important for our bone health and immune systems. Naturally, one’s get more Vitamin D from outside at morning sun. So, the morning walk is the perfect way to get it from nature.

Gives you energy

A brisk walk increases and boosts the oxygen supply in every cell of the body and also give more energy. Take a morning walk is better than an afternoon or an evening. Fresh air breath from morning walk circulates the oxygen in the blood which also reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Walking makes one’s happy

To boosts the mood there are no other ways to take an exercise. Researchers show that to take a brisk walk is effective in a mild situation of depression. It helps to get relax and feel good to sinking anxiety, and stress. So, walking is an absolute must for the positive mental health.

Preparing for walks

Find out a good place to walk: Usually, the locations for walking have a flat ground, smooth surface, straight path, and least traffic. The appropriate selection would be the neighborhood, but ones can choose other areas. If your community has no smooth roads or curvy then you may go to a park near your place where you also can get fresh air and perfect footways to walk.

You must wear suitable footwear to move smoothly and for the weather which can absorb the pressure on feet that may cause pain. If you choose indoor exercise using treadmill then start at slow speed and after that increase the speed a bit based on the humidity of that room.

Make a list of exercise: If you get easily bored then you may take help of a music playing devices with you when you take walk. It will consider your loneliness and motivate you to take walk with joy. Because music always keeps our mind free from the work hazards that we don’t like. To enjoy the walking and avoid stress ones can easily select this option. In your list, you can cut off the other hard and difficult exercises.

Hydrate well before walk: Before an hour to take a walk, consumed at least 15-20 ounces of water. You can drink more water if you plan for a walk a long time. In this way, you don’t become dehydrated and complete the exercising. You may take a bottle of water with you when you go for walk. After taking the walk, take a rest of 15 to 20 minute and then you may drink if you need it. It will help you to control the body temperature properly. Don’t drink water when you puffing.

Set reasonable expectations of progress: It’s better to start slowly and aim to go with short distances. This is a good practice for a new starter or if anyone been sedentary for a long time. Write down these physical goals in a notebook. So that it can keep a track and will monitor the progress. However, the walking does not involve with vigorous physical effort, just need to fit physically to walking for an hour which is easier than hard exercises like running or weightlifting.

Improve a strong mental attitude: To take a hike also good for health but note that you must take at least the same for regular basis. Always keep your mind on the timing you usually expend daily. The same amount of walk gives you a stress-free mental health. You feel cool and get more energy to lead your daily success. Incorporating walking in a daily plan is around building a healthier and a better lifestyle that you should continue forever.

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