7 Best Foods to healthy Kidney Function

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take healthy Kidney Function
It is important to keep kidneys well to have a healthy body. Every day the kidneys filter approximately 170 liters of blood that keeps the body healthy. Kidneys help to control blood pressure and reduce the risk of anemia. It also plays a vital role in the bone strengthening. For kidney protection, we can have some special foods on a regular basis. The contribution of those foods leads to maintain a healthy kidney. Details of those foods are bellow.

1. Capsicum: Capsicum can be the first choice to keep the kidney well. it is suitable for all type salads and increase the test of delicious food. It contains vitamin A, C, B6, folic acid, and fiber. Also, it contains an important antioxidant laikopine, which helps to prevent cancer.

2. Cabbage and cauliflower: cabbage and cauliflower say the source of antioxidant. They work against the harmful free Radicals and stable the kidney functioning. As well as they prevent cancer and heart disease. Though these are cheaper, it contains vitamin K, C, B6, and folic acid. Cauliflower helps to remove different types of toxic substances from the body.

3. Garlic: We all are known about the value of garlic. It relieves kidneys inflammation, as well as control the cholesterol label in blood. Garlic is quite beneficial for the kidney patients.

4. Onions: The important element of onion is phlabhonayede. It prevents fat from vascular. The antioxidant helps to reduce the high blood pressure related to kidney disease. It plays the major role to get cure from cancer.

5. Apple: An apple a day is said to stay away from the doctor. The regular habit of eating apple helps to maintain the normal activities of the kidney. It reduces blood cholesterol, and prevent heart disease and cancer.

6. Egg’s chalazae: Many people excluded egg from their diets to lead a healthy life. But the protein which the egg chalazae contain that is very important for the kidney.

7. Fish: The fish are safe sources of protein. It is important to fulfill the daily require protein from fish than meat. Fish contains other nutrients, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. It prevents kidneys, heart and liver disease. Also, it helps to reduce the cholesterol.

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