Quit Drinking Alcohol: Live a Healthy Life

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How to Quit Drinking Alcohol

A lot of doctor of medicine says that moderate alcohol drink which means that one drink per day can minimize the threat of cardiovascular disease for men and women. The alcohol intake in sizes like 14 ounces of beer or 2 ounces of spirits such as gin or whiskey or 7 ounces of wine. But too much drink should danger for your health.

Avoid too much drinking

Unfortunately, a number of people can’t control when they intake alcohol and as a result, they experience grave health consequences. Substantial alcohol intake can harm a fatal disease, liver, cirrhosis. Too much drinking also can damage the heart and increase blood pressure. It also linked to numerous different cancers, including prostate, esophagus, mouth, colorectal, and breast cancers.

The values of excessive alcohol intake can be serious for the members who are surrounded. International researchers show that there are around 20,000 people die every year who are involved in automobile drives with a drunken condition and a lot of family crises and the violent crimes include the use of alcohol. It makes someone’s sad over time and may cause depression in their daily life.

You can follow some simple steps to avoid your drinking habit

Keep your house alcohol free: If there any full or half-drunk wine bottle in your fridge, it is quite impossible to avoid drinking. So, the very first steps to keeping out any alcohol from your house. Also, try to not include to intake alcohol when it’s a family or any other parties at your home.

Typical you can take some tasty drink like lemonade, tea, soda, or sparkling water which is far better than alcohol. Try to store sufficient amount of drinks in your kitchen or fridge. If you enter a party and no way to avoid to intake alcohol, try to pour your drink down.

Don’t drink at the time you’re feeling bad: The loneliness or bored in life may lead to attracting on intake drinking alcohol. But the situation goes under control and even worse because of the alcohol tranquilizing it. Try drinking alcohol only on social occasions, or when it’s having a good time. Don’t drop it to the trick to making every day a day to party. Make sure it’s truly a special occasion and you celebrate it.

Relaxed when you drinking: If you have a habit of guzzle drinking, you should increase the time to finish your drinks. The process stops you from more intake alcohol. Avoid any kind of activity that involves taking challenges to intake excessive amount of alcohol in short time. You should similarly drink a glass of soft drink or water for consuming every alcoholic drink. Drinking water will keep you hydrated.

Involve with the activities that are free from drinking: For any special occasion always try to select or go to a place or venue which are not actively conducive to intake alcohol. This will not only cut back the drinking but also will make you healthier overall to getting more active.

Avoid people who hang out with drink: Try to avoid the people who insist on drinking. To stay on your serious plans to avoid alcohol involve with the people who walk in the same ways. After some time you will found that you won’t face the presence of alcohol to have a little fun.

Withdrawal signs: If you cut back expressively on your alcohol drinking, you may experience some withdrawal signs. You might experience both physical and mental symptoms. It causes irritability, trembling hands, tired feelings, shaky, bad dreams, poor concentration, and difficulty sleeping. Because a heavy drinker may experience symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, palpitations, sweating, lack of appetite, and headache.

Quit Drinking Alcohol

Grow a positive attitude about quitting alcohol may the first steps. Do from today to keep out all the alcohol bottles and cans, and avoid the situations that likely to drink. Drink sufficiently of water and don’t hesitate to take help from a doctor.

Talk with a doctor: If the situation not under control and you fail to start the path to recovery alone, don’t hesitate to talk with a specialist who can help you and guide the proper way based on your situation and status. The doctor will prescribe the safe ways to get relief or easy to quit your habit.

Determine about quitting: Always command your mind that you are quitting and change your drinking habit. Though half of your selfish wants you to stay the attitude of quitting will make your whole work easier.

Pick a significant date: Be determined on your own plan. If you often drinking heavily the first step to avoid the withdrawal symptoms to keep it slow down. If you familiar with it then set up a date with consult with your doctor to quit it finally.

Get rid of all cans and bottles: Don’t feel that alcohol is the right drink for a party or friends gathering. Introduce the other soft drink, lemonade, or tea more in your friend and family party. It is perfectly acceptable to offer people alcohol-free get-together.

Drink a lot of water and have food before drink: Water will keep you hydrated, make you feel better. It also helps to flush out the toxins from the body. Also, it reduces the interest of intake more alcohol. So try to drink more water to get relief from the alcoholic attraction. Having a meal before drinking will also decrease your interest in drinking. It will also save you to get heavily drunk.

Escape the situations that likely to drink: If its need to leave some of your good friends who are not interested in leaving drinking, you should leave the drinking buddies if you really determined to quit this bad habit. First, you feel yourself that you are ready to go. Then avoid the place and situation when and where you intake more alcohol. Don’t worry about everyone, just do what is good for you. Alcohol-free life should give you a happy and healthy life.

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