Drinking the morning coffee has many great health benefits

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coffee has many great health benefits

Do you feel guilty or are a target of the “coffee” memes for being the one who literally cannot function properly without morning coffee? Then you should know, it’s okay. Actually, it is doing you more good than you thought it would. Sure, it “activates” your “functioning human” more. But there’s more to it. Drinking the morning coffee has many great health benefits. I am sure my fellow caffeine enthusiasts will find this interesting.  

Stroke: Statistically speaking, people who consume a high amount of coffee (and/or green tea) regularly, have a lower risk of stroke. Compared to the people who don’t drink enough (or no) caffeinated beverages. 

Diabetes: Risk of type 2 diabetes is statistically correlated to drinking coffee. Increasing the coffee consumption by more than one cup per day over the period of four years has lowered the risk of diabetes by 11%. And at the same time, people who decreased coffee intake by more than a cup per day, are exposed to 17% higher risk of type 2 diabetes.  

Stress: Just remember, how you snap out of the lethargy when you smell the rich aroma emanating from your coffee mug. It is actually more effective than that. The aroma of coffee minimizes the effect of sleep deprivation on the human body. It was found in a result of animal testing that, the nerve cells of sleep deprived and stressed out rats were protected from smelling coffee. 

Breast Cancer: Statistically speaking, women who boiled Scandinavian coffee more than four times a day, have reduced rate of breast cancer than women who drink less than once a day. Yes, it sounds confusing, but the bottom line is, drinking coffee will reduce the risk of breast cancer. 

Cardiac Disease: Drinking coffee is also correlated with cardiovascular diseases risks. In a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it is said that, 27000 women were tracked for a span of 15 years, and it was found that women who drank 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day have lower risk of having clogged arteries- which is an indicator of cardiac diseases/ It is also mentioned in the study, that post-menopausal woman, who drank 1-3 cups of coffee per day had lower risk of cardiovascular diseases prone death.  

Drinking coffee offers protection from other diseases. It is helpful for lowering the risk of Parkinson’s diseases and throat & mouth cancer. It also helps with fighting tooth decay. So, don’t be ashamed of drinking your caffeinated elixir. Sure, you should be aware of the health hazards for drinking coffee too much. But you have enough reasons to stop.  

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