Cambridge Golf Launches CBD product line Under the Gimme Brand

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An introduction to CBD

Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, is one of the fastest-growing and developing products used for medical purposes. CBD is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant and is one of the essential components of medical marijuana. The main reason behind its popularity is its non-psychoactive property, which means CBD products help the human body function better without getting high and minimal side effects that are rarely ever experienced. The discoveries regarding CBD have caused multiple brands to develop CBD product lines as it is now being used in various fields such as sports CBD products. Recent discoveries have shown CBD to be quite useful for the human body, such as using CBD for pain relief; hence multiple ways have been devised to consume CBD. It has advanced since its discovery and is available in almost every form.

Consummation of CBD

CBD can be consumed multiple times; the development took place after research has proven that CBD has a long list of benefits and is quite useful in regulating various functions in our body. It is now available in many forms and can be taken with anything so much to be added to food and drinks. However, each method comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. One way to consume CBD is through sublingual oils, as these contain CBD derived directly from the hemp plant in its raw and natural form; this is the most original and oldest way of consuming CBD. You take 2-3 drops and place them under your tongue, which then gets absorbed in about 80-90 seconds. This method of taking CBD is quite fast and straightforward; it is also very easily available. This method is recommended to people who are new to the use of CBD. Another way of taking CBD is through capsules, gummies, and other edibles. This method is very effective for pain as there are CBD pain killers available for this purpose. Edibles also have the advantage of odorless and tasteless; however, when taken in this form, CBD takes around 2 hours to kick in as it needs to be broken down by the liver and digestive tract. CBD can also be vaped; this method allows the substance to enter the bloodstream and work more quickly directly; however, it is harmful to the lungs due to the smoke. Vaping is more suitable for adults, and while it is effective method doctors do not doctor it as it is not that easy to keep track of your dosage through vaping. Lastly, CBD can also be used externally in creams and rubs such as CBD pain relief rub. These products are quite useful in terms of managing external pain such as back pain or foot pain. This method can allow CBD to help without even entering your bloodstream. It isn’t taken in the body; hence these types of products will only provide relief to a particular area where it will be applied.

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How does CBD work in the body?

 CBD plays an important role by affecting how many functions are performed in our bodies; it does so by influencing the endocannabinoid system. Our bodies produce a natural chemical known as endocannabinoid. This chemical controls various processes such as inflammation, immunity, pain sensation, and immunity. There are two receptors, namely CB1 and CB2, which control these processes and are cannabinoid receptors. When CBD enters the body, it reduces the breakdown of endocannabinoid, which directly affects the receptors. CB1 receptors are usually present in the central nervous system and control functions such as movement, appetite, sleep, memory, and coordination. While CB2 receptors are in control of managing pain and inflammation, these types of receptors are present in the peripheral nervous system. For example, to reduce inflammation, CBD triggers an anti-inflammatory protein, which automatically reduces inflammation. Using CBD products for pain relief is also quite popular such as using CBD for back pain. This pain is managed when CBD indirectly increases the chemicals’ activity at the receptors, which then helps decrease the pain.  As inflammation and pain are interlinked, when one decreases, the other also decreases.

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Pros of using CBD

The hyped-up product is gaining popularity due to its long list of uses and benefits. One of CBD’s most highlighted properties is its non-psychoactive property, which allows you to use the product without feeling a sense of high. CBD helps promote homeostasis in the body and will enable it to function better. It does so by affecting the central nervous system and the endocannabinoid system in our body, which further triggers the C1 and C2 receptors to control many functions in the body. CBD helps the human mind and body feel good, so it is being used in various fields such as golf due to its natural and relaxing treatment. CBD provides a natural remedy for those who aren’t very fond of taking medications and looking for an alternate solution. However, CBD should be used after consulting with a proper medical examiner, and a correct amount of dosage should be taken. While using CBD for pain relief is quite popular, there are other things CBD might be useful in as well, such as:

  • Providing relief for stress and anxiety
  • Pain management
  • Helping with neurological problems
  • Treating cancer-related side effects
  • Treating arthritis

CBD has multiple other benefits, but it is mostly known for its relaxing nature, so CBD in sports is also gaining popularity at a fast speed. CBD has proved to be quite beneficial to golfers and such athletes as it gives them a calming effect and the focused energy they need. Other properties and benefits of CBD are still being researched on such as its effect on the skin. CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory properties; hence it helps clear acne prone skin.

Side effects of CBD

One of the best things about CBD is that it provides a natural remedy and meager chances of any side effects. Like any other medication or treatment, one should be cautious about which medications they are taking along with CBD as that can prove harmful. As every person has a different body type, the effects of CBD may vary from person to person. Other than that it effects also depend on what it is being used for. CBD should not be used without prescription and should also be taken in the right amount, depending on what it is being used for. While there are no serious cases of any side effects people might have experienced, CBD may cause:

  • Diarrhea
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Change in appetite
  • Lethargic

These side effects mainly occur if the correct dosage of CBD is not taken or the product used is not reliable and unnatural. CBD works best if it is natural and certified, such as CBD hemp oil for pain.

CBD for Golf

One of the things CBD is being used for excessively is golf, as it helps golfers improve their game and be more focused. Its influence is growing rapidly on sports as more and more products are being developed in that field.  It helps soothe any aches athletes might be experiencing; this pain also affects their performance in the game; hence CBD is an essential product in managing pain. CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory properties; it helps soothe back pain, foot pain, and any other pains through a natural remedy. Even for golf, athletes need to be well-rested and free of any stress and pain before their match to perform well. CBD helps with muscle pain and aches by reducing inflammation. It interacts with receptors in our body and triggers an anti-inflammatory protein called caspase. This results in the death of hyperactive immune cells, which automatically reduces inflammation. Some of the ways CBD can help golfers are:

  • Regulating sleep
  • Manage pain
  • Provides stress relief
  • Enables golfers to play more actively for a longer period of time

CBD and sports are a growing industry, and many companies are expanding and developing more products in the CBD line. Such as the Cambridge golf company, which has launched a new line under their gimme brand.

Cambridge golf’s new CBD product line under the gimme brand

The stocks of Cambridge golf are owned by Viratech Corp., making it the parent company, which means Cambridge golf is a wholly-owned subsidiary. The company has decided to launch Gimme CBD, a line of CBD products and an expansion under the gimme nutrition portfolio. This product is being launched to provide CBD benefits to golfers and other such athletes who may need muscle pain relief, better sleep, stress relief, and better performance. These products are being made especially for athletes and golfers as they want to make things easier for them. Athletes are looking for a more natural and healthier alternative sports CBD product that provide just that, a light and natural remedy that helps improve these athletes’ lifestyle.

Extra precautions

 While CBD products are generally considered safe and comfortable to use, one should be careful before taking them. Even though CBD has many benefits, such as using CBD for sports, its usage should be monitored, and the proper amount of dosage should be taken. Other than that, CBD is not legal in all parts of the world; hence it should only be purchased legally and certified to avoid any complications. As CBD has a different reaction for everybody, you should make sure it is suitable for you and take prescribed doses. Besides these factors, one should be extra careful about using these products for pregnant women or children and should avoid them.  Lastly, CBD should be used in its natural and authentic form to ensure the best results, such as CBD hemp oil for pain. All these precautions are considered important as CBD is still a product that is being developed, and research is still not sure of its complete list of usages.

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